Heritage Christian Academy’s preschool program is focused on training with the whole child: to bring the whole child to God through Christ and to aid in subsequent growth in that relationship. It also seeks to give the whole child training for a productive life in our world.


As a spiritual being, we are created for fellowship with God. Growth in this area is nurtured by prayer, study, obedience to Scripture and participation in the Christian community.

As an emotional being, we find wholeness only through a relationship with Christ. As a child grows in this relationship, he recognizes the talents and limitations God has given and learns to accept himself as he is.

As a rational being, each child is capable of developing those mental disciplines necessary for life. We are set free through faith in Jesus Christ to know God, and to look at life from God’s perspective.

As a physical being, each child of God has a body which is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and is offered up to God for His use. The Christian has a duty to understand it, care for it and develop it properly.

Heritage Christian Academy is a teacher-directed environment. We believe our students need adult guidance in their lives to provide essential academic skills while providing a nurturing environment. We structure our days with a balance of play time and intentional academic activities to ensure that each child is actively engaged.