Dear Preschool Parent,

Welcome to Heritage Christian Academy’s (HCA) Preschool! I am excited you are considering our preschool as a place for your child to grow and learn. I’m here to join hands with you and assist in the education of your child. It is my heart’s desire that your child will come home every day sharing the many things they learned and did throughout their day.

The HCA preschool program is committed to educating the whole child. The primary method of learning is hands-on exploration and play with the guidance of a Christian teacher. HCA’s curriculum is crafted to assist your child in meeting and exceeding spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical developmental benchmarks. Most importantly, you will find your child’s day filled with many opportunities to learn about God’s world and His Word.

Families have many options to choose from when deciding on what is best for their child’s education, but there is no program like HCA. HCA is a community fostering friendships and carving memories. We parents will make many decisions affecting our children, but this is one choice that will affirm your child in the ways of the Lord and lay the foundation of an excellent education.

I would love for you to call or stop by the HCA East Campus office to schedule a tour of our classrooms and learn more about HCA and our programs.

Serving you and your family,

Meaghen Briley
Director of Preschool Education